God of Love!

God gave Sarah a smile. God, who treats nicely, blessed Abraham's wife, Sarah, so that she could become a mother of many nations. Abraham repeatedly made mistakes several times, but He protected Abraham and eventually guided Sarah to give birth to Issac. Abraham couldn't have a child until he became 90, and he even had to take his son Isaac to offer to God without discussing. Please let me be obedient like Abaraham did.

I can't let go of my children. Who knows the love of parents? That's the love of God. But for us who cannot let go of our children, God tells us to let go of our children, and that you are the heir of faith. May we worship God with the sword of the fire and words of the Holy Spirit. May my greed burn up whenever I worship. We can really laugh only when we put down an idol. Sarah could have said like this "I'm old and I can't become pregnant, but please give me a smile and give birth to Isaac, a spiritual descendant." Like Sarah received blessing for God, let the same blessing be upon me.

I pray in the name of Jesus, the Lord of Love. Amen!

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👉새벽 예배 후, 교회에서 꼭 필요한 것은??

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