God of love!

The fields are ruined and dry. The grain has ran out and the wine has been exposed to the bottom, with the olive oil dried up. Both grape vines and fig trees have withered too. Joy has disappeared from everyone.

Prophet Joel's cry that our joy has been cut off in God's temple is a story that will come to us someday. May we see even an extreme catastrophe. In that case, our today's life can be filled with meaningful things accordinlgy.

Now, we will praise God for His amazing things. We'll be confident forever. We know it well. The Lord is in the middle of us. So we will never be humiliated again. 

May God protect us in His way beyond our thoughts. May we have such confidence, faith, joy, freedom, and peace in the reality of various disasters and trials. 

Your son and daughter will predict, the elderly will dream, and the young will see fantasy. Prophecy, dreams, and fantasy are perspectives beyond the reality. "Our Lord who knows all our circumstances whom I trust and rely on." I want to see how it changes our life fully.

Anyone who calls the name of the Lord and appeals for salvation will be saved. God will completely renew the world. We may be afraid of those experiences, but it is clear that they are on the way to the truth. 

May we reach the universal and unwavering salvation. Only those who are called by the Lord can look forward to fearful days and also call his name. Let us believe that this fact was already completed by Jesus Christ, who was crucified and resurrected.

I pray in the name of Jesus, the Lord of Love. Amen

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