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World Vision (Chairman Cho Myung-hwan), an international relief and development NGO, held 'A Gratitude Webinar' on November 11th and announced the results of the "Gratitude Life Survey of Christians."

The webinar began with the greeting of Chairman Cho on World Vision's official YouTube channel.

Then CEO Ji Yong-geun announced the results of the survey conducted by World Vision and the Ministry Data Research Institute togerther on 1,000 Christians aged 19 or older nationwide.

As a result of the survey, 96% recognized the importance of having the feeling of gratitude, and 92% of them usually felt grateful.

In addition, about 40% answered that they always felt grateful, and the reasons to be grateful were 'My life changed through gratitude' and 'I was able to overcome difficulties with a thankful heart."

On the other hand, the rate of 'expressing gratitude' was 72.2%, which was somewhat lower than the rate of feeling grateful.

It has been confirmed that the reason for not expressing gratitude reflects the Korean culture that is not familiar with expressions, such as 'Awkwardness with expressing grateful feelings (53.5%)' and 'Not sure how to do it (23.6%)'.

Among the subjects of expression of gratitude, 'God', 'Children', and 'Church members' were high in order, and there were relatively few expressions of gratitude for 'Parents', 'Brothers and Sisters', and 'Neighbors'.

Especially as for the reasons of not having grateful feelings, answers were 'There was little to be grateful for (42.4%)' and 'There are good things but I've been lucky', which is based on the lack of the christian view of the world.

Ji Yong-geun, who announced the results of the survey, said, "People with high tendencies of gratitude have much higher feelings of happiness and satisfaction. As a result of the suvery, while Christians' perception of gratitude is relatively good, they still need to learn how to express the gratitude to their families and situations. Efforts will be needed to make gratitude a part of our lives through audit life training.'

Then the principal Lee Eui-yong, who announced the new direction and method of the gratitude movement, stressed the importance of a small group-centered gratitude movement as an alternative to how to restore our church community spirit collapsed by COVID-19.

He also emphasized the importance of maintaining continuous grateful life, and having gratitude toward God and its sharing with neighbors as well.

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