Since the Queens classis of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) inaugurated its first female president, efforts to build greater unity among the members of the classis have been taking place, such as holding prayer meetings for the members in the Queens classis.

Youngae Na, pastor of Forest Park Reformed Church, was inaugurated as the president of the Queens classis on October 18, and since then, she has sought out churches with conflicts and acted as a mediator. On November 6 and 13, the classis held events sending out a missionary to China, and raising up a Latino pastor.

Na, who has been serving as an English ministry pastor in the New York synod of the RCA for the past 27 years, is opening up a chapter of reconciliation as the first Korean and female president of the Queens classis.


The Queens classis of the RCA held an ordination and inauguration ceremony at Iglesia de Cristo la Roca on November 13.

"As people try to understand each other's pain, and continue in deep conversation with one another, the atmosphere for reconciliation just naturally forms," Na said.

One of the most positive changes within the Queens classis is the prayer meetings for the classis members.

"When we pray for one another and bless each other, the resentment in our hearts disappears, and the factors that can cause conflicts goes away," Na explained.

Reflecting such an atmosphere within the classis, on the 6th and the 13th, two significant and progressive events have taken place. On November 6, the classis held a send off ceremony as they sent off a white missionary to China. On November 13, an ordination and inauguration ceremony took place at Iglesia de Cristo la Roca for Pastor Pedro Agudelo, during which singers and musicians from Korean churches performed to congratulate the pastor and church.


The Queens classis of the RCA held a send-off ceremony on November 6, sending off a missionary to China.

"I am always thankful that I am serving in this position as the president of the classis by God's grace," said Na. "We will continue to pray until the end that ours will be a classis that overcomes the difficulties of conflict and that we will be a classis that becomes one."

Na graduated from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1989, and was ordinated in the RCA in September of 1999.

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