(Photo : Courtesy of PCA-CKC) About 50 pastors attended this year's PCA-CKC EM pastors forum.

The Presbyterian Church of America's Coalition of Korean Churches, also known as PCA-CKC, hosted its fifth annual forum for English-speaking pastors, this year at Siloam Korean Church of Atlanta.

Over 50 pastors from various places throughout the country attended this year's forum. Though the forum for the English-speaking (EM) pastors used to take place simultaneously with the Korean-speaking (KM) pastors' annual conference, this year the two groups have their gatherings separately. The forum for the EM pastors took place first from April 18 to 20, and the KM pastors will have their conference next week from April 25 to 28.

This year's forum also stands out from the previous four in that it featured the most speakers since the forum's inception, as well as the most amount of PCA staff among those speakers. Lloyd Kim, the coordinator of the PCA's mission agency called Mission to the World; Stephen Estock, the coordinator of the PCA's Committee on Discipleship Ministries; Danny Kwon, the pastor of youth and families at Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church; Henry Koh, the coordinator of Korean ministries for the PCA's Mission to North America; and Min Chung, the senior pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church, who has also been featured as a speaker for all of the PCA-CKC's English-speaking pastors' forums, spoke during this year's event.

The forum, which was themed 'Making Disciples of All Nations: Discipleship and Missions in the Local Church,' started out on Monday by focusing on the role of the pastor, and then proceeded to discuss discipleship and missions during the second day. The last day of the forum featured a session regarding leadership opportunities within the denomination.

The annual PCA-CKC's forum for English-speaking pastors began in 2012 with the aim to "encourage and strengthen PCA EM ... pastors, licentiates, and candidates for ministry through mentorship, discussion, and fellowship," and has explored such topics as 'The Past, Present, and Future of English Ministry,' 'Mentoring Men,' and 'The Heart of a Pastor.'

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