A prayer meeting for the safe return of Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim took place on July 12 at the Los Angeles office of Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC). Those present at the gathering prayed for Reverend Lim, his family, and Light Presbyterian Church in Toronto. A letter to be sent to the United Nations was also presented at the meeting. Reverend Lim is currently detained in North Korea after his recent visit in January 31, and he has not been heard from since.

"We're frustrated because absolutely nothing has changed since we last had our prayer meeting in April," said Reverend Hun Young Jo, senior pastor of Light Presbyterian Church of Southern California. "We don't know why he is detained, and under what conditions he's living in right now, but thankfully, we do know that he is alive."

"Let's pray that Reverend Lim will not be discouraged or feel hopeless in the midst of these trials, and that he will overcome the trials with faith," said Reverend Baek Ho Lee, who preached at the meeting. Lee said he was able to lead Lim in the Christian faith as a staff of Korea Campus Crusade, during which time Lim was a high school student.

Those present in the gathering prayed for the release of Reverend Lim with no conditions; for the reunification of Korea; for Lim's family; for Light Presbyterian Church; and for the Canadian government, the United Nations, and the media.

A letter to be sent to the United Nations was also presented during the meeting, which explains Lim's humanitarian efforts in North Korea over 110 visits into the country, and has different requests for North Korea, Canada, and the United Nations: 1) For the North Korean government to swiftly release Lim, who has helped the North Korean people; 2) For the Canadian government to increase efforts to secure the release of Lim, who is a Canadian citizen; and 3) For the United Nations to secure the safe release and return of Lim, who was forcefully detained while engaging in humanitarian efforts to help the North Korean people.

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