HYM, also known as Here am I Young Christian Movement, held its 33rd worship gathering at Anaheim Sarang Community Church's Kingdom Dream Center. The theme was "One Body in Christ (Eph. 4:1-16)," and took place from Septmeber 26 to 27, with Reverend Sung-Hwan Kim from Gardena Presbyterian Church and Reverend Chang-Soo Noh from Sarang Community Church as the main speakers. Eun-Sil Baek, the president of International Coffee Break Ministries, also led a seminar.

"We must become united as one body in order to fulfill the calling that God has entrusted to us," said Douglas Kim, HYM's president. "Let us keep pressing on to become a body that loves one another and prays for each other, that the countless amount of people in this country would be able to receive Jesus Christ and have eternal life."

"I pray and hope that a cloud of strong soldiers for Jesus will rise up, as they become one in their faith in Jesus, and live in this world with the heart of Jesus," said Reverend Noh.

"More than capable young Christians, we need young Christians with depth," said Reverend Kim. "Let's pray that our true worth will be restored, and that we will adjust our lives according to that worth."

HYM's name comes from Isaiah 6:8, in which Isaiah responds to God's call by saying, "Here am I." HYM is a prayer movement of "1.5 generation" Koreans that began with the dream of bringing a revival of young people. It holds two major worship gatherings each year, and holds weekly prayer meetings at 8 PM on Tuesdays at Grace Ministries International's World Prayer Center.



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