Persecution against Christians has been fierce in Syria, as many have been kidnapped, killed, and displaced from their homes. However, despite the chaos surrounding the evangelists, many are continuing to share the gospel, according to reports.

Church pioneers such as Tom Doyle continue to battle in the burning Middle East region to give a message of hope and peace which is from God.

In his book, Killing Christians, Doyle says the Church is growing even in the backdrop of severe persecutions and tortures inflicted on those living in the middle-east.

Last week, jihadists stormed the church in the city of Qaryatain during an offensive and kidnapped 230 Assyrian Christians. The other 15,000 families of the same denomination living in Syria also remain at risk from the raging war.

Doyle recently told CBN News that notwithstanding these threats, Christians in Syria remain committed to their faith and are actively evangelizing for Christ.

He has pastored Churches in Colorado and Texas, before he took up the profile of vice president and Middle East director for e3 Partners, an evangelical ministry, according to Christian Today.

Doyle said that a team of about 10 church planters in Syria were given the choice between leaving Syria or continue in the fight to spread the Gospel.

"So they prayed and fasted for a week, the team. And so Fareed (a co-worker) walked down to the basement of this house in Damascus thinking, 'I wonder if anyone is going to be there,'" he continued.

Later, instead of 10, some 25 leaders turned up, as those evangelists brought 15 more who were ready to stay, ready to suffer, and ready to die in Syria for Jesus, Doyle said. "And to seal this commitment they went out and bought a plot of land so they can bury each other when they die as martyrs."

Meanwhile, ISIS used suicide bombers to take the streets during the night following heavy fighting with pro-Assad army forces, the Express reported, even as in February the group launched separate attacks on 35 Assyrian villages in the Hasaka region, and captured over 300 Assyrians after demolishing at least five churches.

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