Efforts to secure the release of Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim, with whom close family and friends have lost contact since January 31, have been ongoing.

Recently, Reverend Jason Noh -- who has been taking on the interim senior pastor position since Lim's detainment -- said that he spoke with Stockwell Day, Canada's former Minister of International Trade and a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Noh added that he visited South Korea and spoke with Reverend Young Hoon Lee, the senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church; Justin Suh, the CEO of Compassion Korea; Reverend Sung Min Park, the president of Korea Campus Crusade for Christ; and Ha Joong Kim, the former Minister of Reunification in South Korea, among various Korean church and ministry leaders.

"I was able to meet many of South Korea's influential pastors, leaders of ministries, and individuals who have been a part of ministry in North Korea, and sought to find ways to help Reverend Lim with them," said Noh in a report from his visit to Korea released on May 31. To note, Noh added that he met with former South Korean President Dae Jung Kim's wife Hui Ho Lee at Changchun Methodist Church in Seoul.

"We can't fully understand at this moment what God's will is, but we have great expectations as we look toward the One who will definitely work through our pastor and our church," Noh continued. "We believe that as we continue to gather our hearts and hold on in prayer, we will soon experience shocking things and see God's will revealed."

Light Presbyterian Church's leadership also met with Canadian consuls in South Korea to discuss Lim's current situation.

"A report from Canada stated that the Canadian government has been in direct contact with North Korea on behalf of Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim," reported Voice of America (VOA)'s Korean publication. "Canada, which does not have a North Korean embassy within its borders, has been in touch with a Pyongyang ambassador in Sweden, calling for Lim's release. However, it has been reported that the contact between the two countries occurred after the North Korean government expressed that it desires to speak with Canada."

"Canadian government officials say that they are proactively working for Lim's release, but said that they cannot provide specific information due to the confidential nature of the talks," VOA further reported.

The Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad (KPCA) -- the denomination of which Light Presbyterian Church is a member -- is also known to have sent an official letter to the North Korean ambassador in the United Nations under the name of Reverend Jin Gul Noh, the previous president of the KPCA. After describing Reverend Lim's service in North Korea, the letter states, "We deeply regret that this [Lim's detainment] has happened, and we ask that the North Korean government make favorable arrangements as we are particularly concerned about Reverend Lim's health."

"Lim's detainment will have a negative effect on the potential opportunities for humanitarian aid in North Korea, and the humanitarian aid organizations all over the world will be paying close attention for Lim's release while he is detained," the letter continues.

Meanwhile, Light Presbyterian Church decided last October 5 to have Reverend Jason Noh as the succeeding senior pastor once Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim retires, and only needed the permission of the presbytery to complete the process in spring of 2015. However, Lim's detainment occurred suddenly before the completion of the process.

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